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Meeting-May 6, 2021-Welcoming Dr. Bobbie Richardson, Chair of the NC Democratic Party

Join us on Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 7 PM via Zoom.  We are pleased to have with us Dr. Bobbie Richardson, Chair of the NC Democratic Party.  We will also be holding the election of officers for the 2021-2022 term.  The following individuals will be voted on.

 President                                 Henry Jarrett

1st Vice President                   Brendan Fetters

2nd Vice President                  Ken Romley

3rd Vice President                   Robert Wilson

Treasurer                                  Richard Loeppert

Secretary                                  Steven Hill

Board Members           Term Expires

Willie Rowe                  June 2022           (To fill the unexpired term of Betty Bland)

David T. Woodard        June, 2023          (To fill the unexpired term of Brendan Fetters)

Bill Toole                       June, 2024         

Eunice Rudlolph-Jones  June, 2024       

Seth Morris                   June, 2024          

Ronnie Condrey           June, 2024         


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